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Discover The Jealously Guarded Secrets Of Australian’s Leading Home Staging Expert And Sell Your Home FAST, At The Price You Want! Even In A Downtrodden Economy…

Hi Charyn,

Just had to tell you! The owners of the recent house you worked on for me, “trusted” your advice and implemented the minor upgrades you suggested, including painting and polishing the floor boards which came up a treat. Instead of displaying the home empty they had your stylist furnish the whole house and it looked stunning. The same day of the first open inspection 21 other new homes went on the market but this house…SOLD to the one of the first buyers who saw it staged and for FULL PRICE! 

This is now the third house you have worked on that has sold on the first open. My vendors are extremely happy. Thanks, I can’t stop smiling!

– Jim Connery, Principal Brock Harcourts Winecoast


If you feel angry, frustrated and worried about losing thousands of dollars trying to sell your home in a downtrodden economy, then this is the most important letter you will ever read. Here’s why…

My name is Charyn Youngson and for the past 6 years I have helped home owners like you sell their homes in record time AND make Thousands in hidden profits. But before I tell you more about my qualifications and why you should listen to me I need you to understand why you are missing out on serious profits while battling to sell your home against the thousands of others on the market…

You’ve probably heard them all; the cries of anguish from frustrated home owners failing to sell their homes due to the current state of our economy. Chances are that you feel the pain right here and now; your home has been on the open market for months, nobody made an offer – let alone made a move to buy the property.

To make matters worse you might have had to drop your asking price to accommodate the buyers’ needs just to stay in the game, adding additional stress to your already dire financial situation. We know how you feel because we see similar scenarios Australia wide on a weekly basis. Home owners looking to sell their properties across the country are hurting.

So how does one compete in a flagging real estate market and still fetch top dollars?

The solution is called home staging. Home staging is the art of presenting your home in a manner that appeals to buyers. It is also called a pre-sale makeover. While you have been umming and ahhing about adding more visual appeal to your property, your competitors have quietly staged their homes and fetched top dollars in record time.

What Home Staging Does for Your Property

Home staging has been proven time and again to boost sales and profits. It is the quickest and easiest way to fetch the highest possible price for your property. By staging your home like a pro you add priceless street appeal to woo buyers. Your sale can realistically add $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more in profits than the expected median house price in your area.

In order to make your home stand out from the other properties on the market it is important to give your house a competitive edge – especially in a tough market.

With home staging you can:

  • Turbo-boost your selling price;
  • Help buyers make an emotional connection with the property (this is VERY important);
  • Avoid the most common and often costly mistakes of sellers;
  • Woo buyers with street appeal;
  • Show off the best features of your home;
  • Make home improvements that buyers WANT;
  • Fast track your sale;
  • Have buyers outbidding each other to buy your property;
  • Add thousands of $$$ to your bottom line!

Instead of worrying why your home doesn’t sell or even worse; having to slice thousands of dollars off your original listing to stay in the game, you can let us help you fetch top dollars with a few, but necessary changes.

Fetch Top Dollars with the Leaders in the Industry

As Australia’s leading home staging experts Houses to Impress has led the home staging industry for years. We have helped hundreds of home owners maximise their profits and fast track their sales.

We service clients ALL over Australia, whether you live in the Outback or in the city, thanks to our unique online consultations. We use a combination of photos and questionnaires to make an assessment of your property before we suggest our value-adding staging tips. When you buy one of our tailor-made, profit-adding packages we will provide you with a comprehensive list of recommended changes and low-cost strategies to help you increase your profits.

Best of all, we give you a 100% Peace of Mind Guarantee because we trust in our expertise. You’ve got nothing to lose and thousands of dollars to gain by working with us. We provide you with advice for each room, including your property’s exterior, such as:

  • Low-cost ideas;
  • How to de-clutter;
  • What the best tried and tested products are;
  • What colour to paint your walls and window frames;
  • How to neutralise your decor to appeal to buyers’ needs;
  • The best light fittings for maximum impact;
  • The most attractive floor coverings;
  • Mini bathroom and kitchen upgrades (to help in maximising your profits);
  • How to style your home for Open Inspection day;
  • How to guides on dressing your sofas and beds (and rival any style magazine);
  • How to buy renovation gear and services on a budget;
  • How to improve your garden and landscaping with simple changes;
  • How to place your furniture;
  • How to repair and maintain your property while it’s on the market;
  • Up-to-date research on your property, including insightful statistics for your area, using RP data;
  • and much more…

The Secret of Getting Proven Results

Our results have been proven time and again. We don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. Our growing number of happy clientele is proof of that.

Why You Need a Home Staging Expert Makeover

“Virtually every homeowner we work with these days is concerned about getting their home sold quickly. In a competitive market where buyers are ruthlessly scrutinizing and critiquing a huge pool of available homes up for grabs, sellers need to be one of two things in order to get the buyers through the door: Either you need to best the cheapest property in your suburb or the best presented. Either of these options will have you SOLD in record time.

No one in their right mind wants to be the cheapest unless you’re having a fire sale. So if it’s not your red hot price that’s going to stop traffic it’s essential that your PRESENTATION does. Sellers sometimes think they know what needs to be done in order to pretty up their home for sale. A lick of paint here, a throw cushion there, right?…Wrong!

I have found over the years that sellers genuinely struggle with what type of changes they need to make to their home to attract keen buyers. What they think needs to be done is often not what actually needs to be done to make the home a saleable product. This is where Houses To Impress provides invaluable consultive advice to anyone who wants to gain a competitive edge over the rest of the market.

Having worked with their team on many occasions over the years I have seen first hand the difference that HTI makes to a home and enthusiastically recommend them wherever possible. I know that having Houses To Impress as an integral part of the sales campaign will increase enquiry on the homes I have for sale and lower days on the market.
As an Agent I can rest assured that with Houses To Impress my job gets done a whole lot quicker. As a client you can rest assured that your sale will too.”

– Rebecca Foster, Property Consultant – Ray White Northgate

We know it is a no-brainer to work with industry experts. But do you understand how powerful home staging really is? We know because we do this every day, helping fellow Australians increase their profits by the thousands.

Sadly, you might have a good idea about design and making a house homely for your family, however it might not be enough to fetch the highest price on the open real estate market – you are too emotionally attached to your home. Therefore you can’t see the things buyers look for when they shop for a new home. We can and that’s why you need our help.

  • We offer you our 100% Money Back Guarantee;
  • We are Australia’s leading home staging experts;
  • We service clients Australia wide;
  • You will get proven results;
  • We help you transform your home by depersonalising and neutralising each room for maximum impact and profits;
  • Our smart ideas are designed to lead you to a fast sale.

With our help you can add thousands of additional dollars to your bottom line. Money you can use to go on a dream holiday, upgrade to a new (and bigger) home, or to do whatever you like with when the time is right. Fact is that the ROI (Return on Investment) of home staging is massive.

“The amazing transformation wouldn’t have been achieved without the input from Houses to Impress! We have just had our property revalued and have refinanced for an extra $100,000. We can now use the extra equity to purchase more investment properties. Thanks for your advice Charyn.”
– Denise D, Property Investor, Hindmarsh

Profit from Supply and Demand

Do you want to sell a house buyers flock to? We are sure you do. More eyes equals more offers equals higher competition, therefore more profit. It’s the old adage of supply and demand. We supply the recommendations that your buyers demand when they look for a property. The rest takes care of itself!

By reading our book and following our Transformation report you’ll be doing Home Staging yourself, just like in the examples below … you too can be achieving more bucks for minimum outlay!
Case Study 1

Would you like to turn $4,000 into $40,000 in one day?

For Sale

Real Estate Appraisal


For Sale

Sold for $500,000

first 20 minutes of first open inspection

Result = 1 day to transform – Outlay $4,000Profit = $36,000

Case Study 2
Case Study 3

Would you like to turn $13,000 into $33,000 in two weeks?

For Sale

Real Estate Appraisal


For Sale

Sold for $188,000

On first open inspection

Result = two weeks to transform – Outlay $13,000 Profit = $20,000

Case Study 4

Are you leaving this kind of money on the table?

Our Service Packages

“Why is it that similar houses in the same area can sell for vastly different prices and some people make more money than other’s?”

Most Australian’s only ever sell 2 or 3 houses in a lifetime and don’t know what it takes to create an “Emotional Buy in” for prospective buyers. At Houses to Impress we know what it takes to make buyers flock to your property. We specialise in getting buyers “to fall in love” with homes around Australia. Using Our unique tried and tested techniques and strategies. We don’t just work in a small radius from our office – we work with clients in every state of Australia .

All consultations (except Adelaide) are done remotely from our office.

Whether your property needs a full makeover or a partial face-lift, our Fast Property Transformation Consultation and Report is a simple to follow, Step by Step Action Plan that will take the stress out of preparing your home for sale. The report is filled with our most tried and tested renovation and home staging tips that are working in today’s real estate market. Our unique fast start checklists will enable you to realistically and strategically assess your property’s best features and recognise its flaws so you can stage your home for the widest buyer appeal. After our consultation and report you will be equipped to make your property as attractive and saleable as possible is the fastest time possible. Your house will be up for sale before amateurs even know where to start!

Budget Pack

  • Fast Property Transformation Report with this you will know exactly how to transform your house ready for sale and have buyers flocking to your home.
  • One on One Consultant with a Houses to Impress Team member to review and clarify details of your Action Plan and fast track your property into the best shape it can be before it hits the market!
  • A free copy of our book Sold For Top Dollar – Low Cost Home Improvements to Maximise your Sale
  • A 100% money back guarantee!!So you have nothing to lose.

Full Service Pack

  • Fast Property Transformation Report with this you will know exactly how to transform your house ready for sale and have buyers flocking to your home.
  • One on One Consultant with a Houses to Impress Team member to review and clarify details of your Action Plan and fast track your property into the best shape it can be before it hits the market!
  • A free copy of our book Sold For Top Dollar – Low Cost Home Improvements to Maximise your Sale
  • A 100% money back guarantee!!So you have nothing to lose.
  • Unlimited on-going support from Houses to Impress via telephone and email for the duration of your home transformation. Phone or email us any time you need advice or guidance with dealing with trades-people, managing your makeover, sticking to your budget, product recommendations, renovation design queries, dealing with real estate agents etc
  • 10% discount on all Kitchen and Bathroom appliances and fittings from Australia’s largest Online Renovation Warehouse
  • Special bonus reports
  • Bonus Gift from Houses To Impress to assist with your sale!
  • Payment Plan Option You can order the Fast Property Transformation Report in 3 easy payments of $320.

How It Works

Our team supports you by providing packages for those on a budget and those looking to get amazing results. Both packages are based on our field tried and tested 4 Step System that will help you achieve results. Here is how it works.


One on One Consult

The first step involves a one on one consultation with Houses To Impress. Together we will discuss your property and proposed selling plans.


The Property Review

Once the one-on-one consultation has been conducted one of our qualified team members will assess and view your property. Going into every detail we need to produce our step-by-step transformation report. We use an effective and tested, fast and simple process of gathering all of the required information so you can have your report sooner, letting you get your house up for sale faster.


Handing Over The Step by Step Report

This is the fun part! Now our team has generated your comprehensive Fast Property Transformation Report so you can now save time, money and stress to transform your property before it goes to market! We will deliver your Fast Property Transformation Report within 10 days of our consultation. Time is money so fast service is our priority! Unlike our competitors you wont be waiting around for months to get your step by step report.


Time to Transform

You have now received your Fast Property Transformation Report and we will conduct another consultation to ensure you fully understand our recommendations and have the assurance to begin transforming your property ready for amazing sales results. We are committed to your success

Act Now – Maximise Your return on Investment

Stop wasting your money with the wrong sales tactics. If your house has been on the market for 4-6 months or longer you need our services today. Fact is that Australia’s recession has resulted in a glut of homes on the market.
Statistics show:

  • House prices have dropped 10% or more in value in the last 12 months;
  • Houses take on average longer to sell (in some states 6 months or longer);
  • With more homes on the market than ever, buyers are having a pay day taking their pickings while saving money that should be in YOUR pocket;
  • The longer a house is on the market, the less it can realistically fetch, meaning you will have to knock valuable dollars off your sales price, leaving you empty handed;
  • The longer you wait on the fence about employing the help of a home staging expert, the more it will cost in lost profits!

If you want to fetch top dollars for your property you need to do what other savvy sellers do – buy one of our affordable home makeover packages for maximum ROI.

“I engaged the services of Houses to Impress to project manage a cosmetic renovation of my investment property. I had the property valued at $250,000 prior to work starting. I virtually handed the keys over to the team at Houses to Impress and left them to get on with the job. The renovation cost $22,000 and I had it revalued at $320,000 which was an increase in equity of $70,000!”

– Sally Curtis

We Offer You Our 100 Percent Peace of Mind Guarantee

If you like hundreds of our clients you will be absolutely thrilled with the value of our offer. However, if in the unlikely event you are not seeing the results we promise we will refund your money. It’s a no-brainer for anyone looking to avoid the pain of having their home on the market for months and then having to drop the asking price below market value – just to get a sale. Provided you follow our advice step-by-step you will get your money’s worth! Guaranteed. We are so confident in our ability to help you make more money! You have nothing to lose – except thousands of dollars in profit by not working with a home staging expert.

Sell Your Home in a Buyers Market and Laugh All the Way to the Bank

If you’re sitting on the fence about our services we advise you to carefully consider your decision. Make no mistake, we put our money where our mouth is; the above testimonials speak volumes for our ability to add cold hard cash to your bottom line.

In case you haven’t noticed, we are in the middle of a buyers market right now and things are not about to change real fast. Any self-respecting investor and home owner knows that the Australian real estate market has gone from boom to dust. Houses used to sell like hot cakes and are now sitting on the market for many long months, costing their owners their livelihood, busting up marriages because of financial pressure and ruining a many families lives.

WARNING: Don’t Risk Getting Caught in the Downtrodden Real Estate Market

Thanks to home staging you don’t have to suffer the same fate. Your house can be the hottest ticket in town with a few cosmetic changes, selling in record time and leaving you with more money in your pocket than you ever thought possible.

But you MUST act now!
Failing to act is costing you thousands of dollars in lost profits. In a worst case scenario you can end up bankrupt!

Remember: Winners Take Action – Losers Make Excuses

You have a choice to be a winner in this game called real estate. Choose from our home staging packages now and walk away with thousands of dollars in profits, paying a fraction of it for our services.

You can see from the glowing testimonials on this page our strategies work. Best of all, they are low cost and easy to implement by the most cash-strapped of home owners. Home staging is the secret weapon of making the highest possible profit from property sales. You can join these other savvy home sellers by engaging our services today. You literally have nothing to lose and THOUSANDS of dollars in profits to gain.

Charyn Youngson & Kate Youngson

P.S. Not knowing these insider secrets can cost you thousands of dollars in missed profits! Remember, thousands of Australian homes are not selling because they are not staged correctly. Buyers are in the hot seat demanding their prices – and getting them. Make no mistake. Our home staging makeover pays you hefty dividends on your investment. Our clients walk away with thousands of extra dollars and a fast sale.

P.P.S. Still reading? If you’re still sitting on the fence about this ridiculously low offer you can contact us for a 15-Minute FREE Phone Consultation. Book your call by clicking here now. One of our friendly team members will be in touch with you within 24 to 48 hours.